World Health Day

According to the World Health Organization, more than 13 million deaths worldwide are caused by preventable environmental factors each year which includes the climate crisis, which poses the greatest threat to human health. World Health Day is observed to promote the worldwide focus on critical efforts to keep humans and the planet healthy and build a movement to create societies centered on well-being, in the face of a pandemic, and a changing planet.

The change in the patterns and climate cycles at different regions of India is clearly observed by the common man as the changes are significant and drastic year over year. Summers getting hotter, winters dropping below 0⁰ C and a monsoon season that causes anxiety due to the concern of floods.

It is amusing to note that discussions of climate change and its effects always revolve around the requirements and safety of the future generations, but as per the published and reviewed statistics, the health risks due to climate change is abundantly prevalent and recorded at present.

4 people in India die every day due to climate related incidents and according to the Lancet Planetary Health Journal, India recorded over 7,30,000 deaths to abnormal temperatures in 2021, which the twice the amount claimed by the pandemic in the same time frame. Globally the number of lives claimed by just abnormal temperatures is over 5 million!!

Along with the efforts to curb climate change and improve health and safety of all societies, the global chaos caused by the COVID19 pandemic has highlighted the existing health inequalities in today's world and the urgency of interventions for social well-being and health in general. Achieving equitable health not only promotes a sustainable economy, but also helps set stable goals for future generations.

Let’s all celebrate World Health Day, today and every day!

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