World Population Day

The common assuption that World Population day is in awareness of the exponentially expanding population and its effects on the limited resources, Which is true, It also is actually a celebration of the progress of humans on this planet. The human population now enjoy several thousand times more privileges and facilities compared to our ancestorial counterparts. Increased Life expectancy, better human rights accountability, consistent supply of resources. The issue faced currently is that these progresses are not universal.

World Population Day 2022 focuses its statement to improving the quality of lives for every individual on the planet. Roughly two-thirds of the world’s population now live in a country or area with below-replacement fertility, or fewer than 2.1 births per woman and a growing number of countries face population ageing. More people are on the move, either by choice or driven by crises ranging from conflict to climate change and opt out of procreation. On the flip side several countries like India, have a youthful and growing population; but just looking at the statistics of the world population and growth rates provides a narrow-minded and coercive viewpoint to understand the complexities of the quality of life for humans around the globe.

With the aim to provide fair, equal and a prosperous quality of life for every individual – World population day is an occasion to discuss the opportunities and risks presented to humanity at this time. Even though the population is bound to cross 8 billion in a couple of months, the unprecedented demographic diversity that is constantly changing, promotes technological, social and cultural innovations that improve the quality of life. It has been time and again proven that societies and governments that invest on their people in rights, choices and opportunities lead to a happy society.

While growing Population is a concern - People are the solution, Not the problem. By measuring and anticipating a nations demographic shift, Governments will be able to identify the needs of the diverse population and provide the same for every individual to realize their full potential. Educating the public so as to make informed decisions on when to have children, when and how to exercise their rights will lead to attaining demographic resilience to create a society that is more inclusive, fair, adaptable and sustainable.

We are each much more than a number, as is the human family. Numbers matter, but let’s count carefully. A resilient world of 8 billion, a world that upholds individual rights and choices, offers infinite possibilities – possibilities for people, societies and our shared planet to thrive and prosper.

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