Quinquennial Celebrations

The true testament of any great skyscraper is its strong and sustainable foundation. That’s what we’ve been building at Promea. These 5 years have truly been a whirlwind of exciting growth and opportunity. When I reflect upon Promea’s journey, I cannot help feeling proud of what we’ve managed to accomplish given the circumstances.

Exactly 2.5 years ago, midway into our establishment journey, the world halted with the looming pandemic - COVID-19. Promea was hit harder than most, at that point in time we were 50% finished with our facilities and the market had pivoted so fast, that we had to make quick consequential decisions. If we measure success beyond a spreadsheet, it’s exciting to see that Promea grew strengths and experiences that only a pandemic of that scale can bring.

In these 5 years we’ve established a diagnostic portfolio of more than 75 products and have completed an infusion therapies manufacturing facility that has one of the largest manufacturing capacities in South India.

These next 5 years, I’m excited to see Promea cement itself in the Indian market with our robust products and scale to international markets where our products can be appreciated for their quality and effectiveness.

All of what we have achieved could never have been possible without our family - Promea’s employees - both past and current. I hope to continue this journey and cultivate strong pillars that can take us to the next level.

I am thankful for every second of this 5 year journey, it has truly been a fulfilling experience and I look towards the horizon for the next 5.

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